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Our Story


Our vision is to improve education in Vanuatu through the provision of libraries and resources in every school in the country. 


Our mission is to encourage Australians to donate and sort relevant books in good condition, library shelving, teaching resources and money to help establish libraries in Vanuatu. We aim to work with communities in Vanuatu to create a library space in local schools. We strive to assist teams of people to travel to schools in Vanuatu and install libraries and other resources. We promote reading programs and conduct teacher Professional Development to make the most of the library. 


The Library Project started with the installation of a library in Mwast Primary School, Stonehill, Navelle High School, Navelle and Palon Primary School, Palon in 2014. The imporovements in student results at these schools since the library have been phenomenal. This encourages us to re-double our effort to see groups collect books and establish libraries in all schools so that no child misses out. 

By September 2016 Cleveland High School, Mt Cotton Community Fellowship,  EWB Book Club, Calvary Christian College and Victoria Point Baptist Church have established libraries in 10 remote villages where children had no previous resources. 

This has been achieved with the support and donations of many organisations including Ormiston College, Rotary Book Shed, Rotary Club of Cleveland, Rotary Club of Wellington Point, Rotary Club of Redlands, Kimberley College, Chisolm Catholic College, John Paul College, and many individuals. 


Vanuatu is a small friendly country in the South Pacific less than three hours flight from Brisbane. In 2015, Vanuatu was placed on the bottom of the list of South Pacific countries for literacy and numeracy. The government and other stakeholders have identified the lack of resources as a key factor causing this result. 

Many Ni-Vanuatu schools, especially the rural schools, have extremely limited resources and little or no reading and reference books. Children rely on the knowledge of their teacher and what they can write on the board for all of their learning.

Our Team

Our Australian and Ni-Vanuatu Team


Our team in Australia is made up of hardworking, dedicated people who want to see literacy improve in Vanuatu. We are a core that assist help and equip other groups to go out and join the cause. 


We also have a core team of Ni-Vanuatu who are dedicated to the mission. These three men have all championed to have a library installed in their village. They have now seen the rewards that it has brought to the children and want to help other schools be blessed in the same way. They are a blessing to us and our teams as they help us to set up schools in preparation for our visit, and arrange many of the details while we are there. 

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