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24th FEB - 5pm

Our annual Trivia Night is being held on the 24th of February at the Community Centre, Calvary Christian College. There will be a BBQ from 5pm with the questions starting at 6:15pm

Please register your teams of 6-10 by SMS to 0432 583 993 by 20th of Feb. 

$10 entry fee with all profits going to our mission work in Vanuatu. 

Make sure to bring some extra money to score yourself some fantastic silent auction items including accomodation, restaurant and retail vouchers!!


We are often looking for volunteers to sporadically sort books, look for vouchers, pick up books or help plan events. If you are interested in being on our call list, please feel free to contact us

16th and 17th March 

The Book Sort is one of largest events and we require hundreds of volunteers! In order to give a great selection of good quality, useful books to each school in Vanuatu, we sort through every book that is donated. 

Once we have removed damage or unusable books then we label each book with a reference sticker, allowing the teachers in Vanuatu to return the books to the correct spot in the library. 

Lastly, we package up the books in boxes, ready to be shipped to Vanuatu. 

This is a massive job that requires a small army to make it happen. If you are free your help would be appreciated. Please contact us for details of time and place.