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We are always looking for books. In order to provide a great selection of fiction and non-fiction books, we source a large range of donated books and then sort through them. We select a range of different topics and levelled readers so that each library has a large selection. If you have any books that you would like to donate, please let us know. 


One of our largest needs is library shelves. We use genuine library shelves instead of bookshelves as they help with display, sorting and protecting books. We would love the help of any libraries that may be downsizing or upgrading and want to bless a new library with their donation. 



We believe that kindies give children a foundation for learning. That is why, as well as libraries, we help local kindies in Vanuatu. We donate puzzles, games, toys, dolls, dress ups, blocks, trains, etc. If you have any toys that you would like to donate to a kindy, please get in contact with us.


To help raise the funds for shipping the container, we host a range of fundraisers. A great way to support us is to come along to these events and bring your friends. Follow us on Facebook to see when they are coming up. Any donations for prizes for these events are also appreciated. 


A donation of your time is very valuable to us. The sorting and packing of books is a large job that cannot be done by just our small team. If you would like a practical way that you can get involved in changing children’s lives, this is the way to do it! We have a range of needs at different times of the year. Please contact us if you would be willing to help, or follow our Facebook page to keep updated on any volunteer days we have coming up. 


One of the most rewarding ways to get involved is to actually go and equip a library yourself! If you would like to join our team and come along to help first hand, please feel free to contact us. 

Otherwise, if you have a club, church group, group of friends or squad, why not get together and form a team yourselves. We will help you along the journey every step of the way!

While team members fundraise their own cost of their mission, there is still a large cost in getting the books to Vanuatu. If you would like to help this process financially, please contact us for payment details. 


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