The Library Project Vanuatu

Our mission is to install a library in every school in Vanuatu to help improve literacy and numeracy.

There are many ways to get involved in this project in both Australia and Vanuatu. We value the help of volunteers to help sort and pack books along with many other jobs. 

From books, to shelves, to vouchers, to money, we have many different needs to be filled in order to get these projects completed. 

The Library Project Vanuatu

In 2015, Vanuatu was at the bottom of the list for South Pacific countries for literacy and numeracy. The government and stakeholders believe that lack of resources is one of the key factors for this statistic. 

We believe that the instillation of libraries in Vanuatu can help to raise the standard of literacy and numeracy. This in turn opens up new opportunities for the children, widening their future prospects. 

We partner with schools, churches, clubs etc to help them build libraries in remote villages in Vanuatu. Our vision is to see a well resourced library installed in every school in the country.  

The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page. 

​Our mission - can you help?

16 libraries installed so far

312 libraries remaining